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Megan [userpic]


March 15th, 2009 (09:31 pm)

So this is journal entry 1,010 on this journal.

I created it almost 5 years ago.

And now it is time for a change.

To all of those who supported me here, I love you and I hope you follow me to my new journal.


Megan [userpic]


January 5th, 2009 (11:47 pm)

Nicole made this picture. It made me smile.

Megan [userpic]


November 5th, 2008 (09:59 pm)

I would like to point out that I think the results of yesterday's election results were very powerful for our entire country no matter if you are democrat or republican.
It is a huge, huge, huge step for race equality.
(Not to say I would not have loved to have a big step for gender equality. But Hilary was way in the deep end and Palin was still trying to get into the water in the first place.)
So pretty much, thanks to everyone who voted.

Megan [userpic]

Amusing Comic

July 26th, 2008 (04:53 pm)

I am in a really not so good place. Here's for trying to forget about it. 


Megan [userpic]

This song fits perfect.

June 6th, 2008 (09:51 pm)

"I want to bury you up to your neck in the sand
Exposing only your head and one hand
Then we'll find a friend who will bury me too

So we'll stand in the sand holding hands just me and you
So we'll stand in the sand holding hands, me and you

The crabs will arrive and they'll pick at your face
But I'll whistle so they'll pick at mine in your place
Then the gulls will arrive, eat the crabs for their food
So we'll stand in the sand holding hands just me and you
So we'll stand in the sand holding hands, me and you

If the tide takes me away, if the tide takes you away
If the tide takes us away, we'll meet here
In the sand
Never fear, just look to the sand

If the waves come in, well we'll both surely drown
But to stay here with you makes me hold my ground
Let’s just make sure we're buried far enough up the beach
To stand in the sand holding hands you and me
Yeah, we'll stand in the sand holding hands you and me

If the tide takes me away, if the tide takes you away
If the tide takes us away, we'll meet here
In the sand
Never fear, just look to the sand
And my sun burnt hand"

Megan [userpic]

Take the time...

August 13th, 2007 (08:47 pm)


Megan [userpic]

Scholarships, scholarships, and not a drop to drink.

January 29th, 2007 (06:38 pm)

SO yet again on my quest for college money, I wrote another scholarship essay. Check her out. I don't have the ability or time to get it checked by any teacher so I would appreciate honest responses.


Men, women, and children are dying across the Middle Eastern country side. The sole cause is not extremists or American involvement. Instead, the genuine neglect for human rights and needs are leaving these people in an unimaginable state. Conflict has become embedded within each society throughout the world. Every person along with every political leader has the right to theorize on possible solutions. No solution is better than another as long as the common goal is kept in mind: peace. However, the key remains to be cooperation.

When considering a movement for the future rights of the Middle East, several factors are key. First, if Americans are to be of any assistance in championing these rights across the world, we have to focus on giving these rights to those of Middle Eastern decent who are already within our country. The biases which have been created in our country towards those of a Middle Eastern race is atrocious. I have a friend who is Muslim. She is an amazing girl. However, she is treated with such disregard and hate. Civil rights have a basis within respect and thus need to begin at home. Awareness needs to be spread as to the equality of every living person no matter what. It seems as if we are taking a few steps back within this crisis, but we can turn it into a few steps forward for countries who need help.

Before we consider how to champion these rights, we must define them. These rights are the cornerstone of living. This stretches beyond natural rights of eating and breathing. Inalienable rights must prevail. Life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness must be defined in a concrete way and carried out on every front. This is the purpose of government thus should be America’s purpose as we fight for freedom.

The voice of ignorance has resounded loudly throughout history from the American Civil Rights movement to Anti-Semitism. Martin Luther King, Jr. spoke of “an oasis of brotherhood” in the Middle East. This affirmation must be set on many fronts. Though people, such as those in Iraq, are beginning to experience democracy, the battle is far from over. The system we have partnered in creating is far from infallible. Many countries are seeing a converse trend or no trend at all over the past few years. Women cannot vote or work in several countries. Freedom of speech and religion are seen nullified and stems into discrimination and crime. And all organizations must be centered within the government that is oppressing them. The political insecurity will continue to ensue and poverty will further if these issues are overlooked. Education also remains to be less than a pioneer as a high number of Middle Eastern peoples are uneducated and even illiterate. This furthers the complication of unemployment and expanded economics beyond the region. Due to the sects created by the limitations of individual rights be it within school or the workplace, many have been radicalized and ignorant of more centralized ways of life.

Civil rights are defined as more than a privilege. It is a matter of the Middle Eastern people claiming what is their due. However, the question remains: how?

The United States has begun to sponsor programs that sponsor these liberties such to increase the participation of citizens within the government in the form of trade unions and new regional communications. Part of tolerance and rights is communication. Created by the United States, Radio Sawa and al-Hurra Satellite Television are sources of news that attempt to the level the field with understanding and unprejudiced reports. Also, Middle East Partnership Initiative ( MEPI ) is being funded by U.S. State Department to promote economic, political, and educational reformation. MEPI’s first judicial reform program was the first solid attempt at addressing the issues of civil rights in this new era. The forum concentrated on four common themes: selecting ethic and trained justices, understanding a judicial role in human rights, creating efficient judicial procedures, and cooperating between nations judiciaries. This all has little meaning, regardless, to those who are being persecuted and left without rights. American and Middle Eastern partnership is key in peace. Political action takes Yet a cooperation is vital on a smaller level.

Civil rights begin at home in the hearts of people. Therefore, an individual effort would be most successful in pioneering these rights as a step away from geopolitics. Realistically, no single person will be the paramount to the alliance. Though, a great factor in success if each person stepping away and going their part on several different levels.

As a citizen of a strong democracy, American citizens could take steps to influence our government for means of relief be it monetary or military. The news has become a burden on the average person’s shoulder. Yet this is where information can be found and filtered into what it worth responding to on an every day basis. The suffering is intense and it is always easier to ignore the problem. But this is not going away. From writing letters to local Congressmen to petitioning on a national level, each person is a part of the larger picture in taking that information and applying it to the government. Each official is elected by the people and thus their influence remains in the people’s hands. A crowd of nine hundred thousand nine hundred and ninety nine people are activists, what difference can one more make? That person would be the millionth. And maybe that would be enough. The point it is unknown what is enough and what will cause the tides to turn, but every single person adds up in their cause to something so much bigger than themselves. This continues into the theory of peace groups. Many remarkable groups are focused throughout the nation such as Crimes of War Project and MiddleEastActivist.com. The work these people do are astounding beyond an aesthetic level. Not only is it reassuring to see others who pour their hearts into these efforts, but it gives those with the will a place to start even if only to learn. The information can then be spread for awareness in local communities and increase the numbers in the battle for common rights. Similarly, interfaith dialogue has been seen as beneficial. To join with those of different religions and cultures, especially of Middle Eastern influence, can help in creating positive knowledge and a strong connection.

While all of this is powerful, many people do not have the time or capacity to take these steps. However, humanitarian programs are great establishments which help provide the tools which the fight for civil liberties requires. Though many have been shut down to alleged terrorist links, organizations such as Compassionate Listening Project are remaining tough.

Regardless, we live in no utopia. Discount on the state of human needs and life will always be a problem. Nevertheless, each person and each government has the ability to take the first step and reach out their hands to those men, woman, and children of the Middle East. The liberties they pine for are not all they deserve. A strong and equal region is possible. And it is possible for it to exists in peace with the power of individual responsibility and cooperation.

Megan [userpic]

If you are over 18...

December 20th, 2006 (06:09 pm)

I need this for school. I already have too many people 18 and younger. I need anyone from 19 to a million. If you could fill this out, it would be so much appreciated.

1. How old are you? (EXACT number to the year. Please no rounding.)

2. What is your gender?

3. What state/country have you lived in for the majority of your life?

4. Please define "JUSTICE" in your own words.

5. Please, if known, provide a second definition for "JUSTICE"

6. Please use the word "JUSTICE" in a sentence.

7. Where do you most often hear the word "JUSTICE"
School? Home? TV/Movies? Music? News? Other ( if other please specify )

8. Have you ever had a PERSONAL experience with your definition of the word "JUSTICE"

Megan [userpic]


December 11th, 2006 (07:10 pm)

my xmas stockingCollapse )

Megan [userpic]

Friends ONLY !V

October 15th, 2006 (03:28 pm)

It seems there needs to be a reminder. All of my current friends may ignore this post.

If you add me, post a comment here about yourself or you will NOT be added back.
This is a personal journal.
But I am open to new friends and new ideas.

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